Everyday Healthy Options

This short course will help learners to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of ingredients, a balanced diet and healthy eating and gain an understanding of small manageable changes which will make a big difference to their health and wellbeing. Learning outcomes include:

  • Identify what is meant by a ‘balanced diet’ and the importance of this to overall health and wellbeing.
  • Recognize the five food groups that make up the FSA Eatwell plate, how those different foods contribute towards a healthy balanced diet and the appropriate portion size of the segments for each of the food groups.
  • List the three macronutrients essential to human health.
  • Take part in a cooking/tasting activity
  • State what is meant by a ‘whole setting approach’ and the benefits of seasonal, locally grown produce.
  • Identify affordable, healthy ingredients/substitutes and cooking methods.

This course is aimed at learners aged 19+ wishing to gain confidence and a general awareness of healthy eating, healthy cooking, nutritional values of food.

The course will run weekly – every Tuesday – until 19th June 2018

To enrol, please contact Jaxx (Jacky) Korn – Redcatch Community Garden Ltd. on 07872514604

Further information: Follow link https://en-gb.facebook.com/redcatchcommunitygarden/


08 May 2018 - 22 May 2018


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Redcatch Community gardens


Redcatch Community gardens
58 Broad Walk BS4 2RD
Redcatch Community Garden Ltd.


Redcatch Community Garden Ltd.