Brush up Maths

This course begins on the 18th September. Please enrol within two weeks of this date

This course aims to enable learners to develop basic maths skills and associated confidence.

  • Read, write and order numbers including large numbers.
  • Calculate with decimal numbers
  • Use calculator to calculate/check results.
  • Estimate,measure and compare metric units in everyday situations.
  • Round numbers and estimate results.
  • Understand and calculate with fractions and percentages
  • Add,subtract,multiply and divide numbers using a range of strategies
  • Identify the maths skills needed to solve problems including money and time.

This course is aimed at adults 19+ without Maths qualification GCSE C or above
Anyone wanting to brush up their maths skills and knowledge. Can lead to a Functional Skills qualification in the new year

Enrolment Session Monday 11th September between 9.15 and 11.15 at Hartcliffe Children’s Centre please phone or text to book enrolment time on 07760990855
Car parking on site limited, road parking at venue, free creche but must book a place



18 Sep 2017 - 11 Dec 2017


09:15 AM - 11:15 AM
Hartcliffe Childrens Centre


Hartcliffe Childrens Centre
Hareclive Rd, Bristol BS13 0JW
Helen Richards


Helen Richards
07760990855 or 0117 903 9750
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