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The properties of shapes

In this module you’ll find out what properties 2D and 3D shapes have. Interactive module with quiz units

Scales and maps on drawings

This module shows you how to recognise and make use of simple scales on maps and drawings, followed an exercises to work through an example. Interactive module and quiz

Using angles for position and direction

This module shows you how to use and measure angles to work out position and direction along with practice exercises Interactive module with quiz


This video outlines why and how you might use persuasive language techniques and appropriate layout to create a leaflet. Video – 3 minutes

Sequencing words

This video will talk you through how to use sequencing words properly to better structure your sentences. This will make it easier for you to get your point across when writing.   Video – 6 minutes

5 tips for a successful interview

In this video we look at the essentials needed to successfully prepare for an interview. This is everything you need to make a good impression. Animated video – 2 minutes

Tackling a reading exam

Find out what you should know to get good results, get some helpful tips and tackle an actual Level 1 reading exam and get feedback on your answers. Module Associated files: Sample question paper Document 1  Document 2 Answer paper    

Making subject and verb agree

Check your writing by matching up your verbs with the correct number of people or things doing the action. Learn the difference between singular and plural. Interactive module and quiz

Writing a formal letter

This video sets out why you might want to write a formal letter and how you would go about doing it. Video 4 minutes

Spelling rules: plural nouns

This short video will help you remember the basic spelling rules to convert words into their plural form. Video presentation – 7 minutes